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About Camogie

About Camogie

Founded in 1904, Camogie, an independent voluntary organisation, is the most popular female team sport in Ireland while making a significant contribution to the Irish culture, as part of the family of Gaelic games. 

Within the Gaelic Games family, Camogie is a natural extension of the men's hurling community. The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), as the governing body for men's Gaelic Games and as the community base of Gaelic Games, is of huge importance to Camogie, from club to national level. Its ongoing support, through the generous provision of facilities, finance and other resources, is key to the well being of Camogie.
Many Camogie players also enjoy other Gaelic sports and The Camogie Association regularly liaises with their respective associations.
Providing young women with the opportunity to play Camogie and other Gaelic sports is an integral part of encouraging them to stay with sport though their teenage years and later into life. 
Our Vision:
To provide an inclusive, enjoyable and lifelong involvement in Camogie, as Ireland's leading female sort, and as a vibrant part of the Gaelic games family, at home and internationally. 
Our Mission:
To expand opportunities to participate in and enjoy Camogie through building a professinal, dynamic and inclusive Association.
Our Values:
1) Inclusiveness
Camogie is a sport for all. We will work to attract and retain members from different social and ethnic backgrounds and players of different abilities to foster a sense of community and social inclusion.
2) Voluntarism
We recognize the integral role of the volunteer in our Association. We will promote and value the expertise, experience and contribution of volunteers at all levels of Camogie.
3) Respect
We will actively promote mutual respect amoungst our members-players, coaches, referees, administrators, supporters-and towards the wider sporting community.
4) Excellence
We will operate to the highest standards of excellence in the playing, coaching, refereeing, governance and development of Camogie
5) Co-operation
We will work with statutory and non-statutory sporting, cultural and community organisations to advance women's participation in sport through Camogie. In particular we will continue this within the Gaelic Games family.
6) Fair Play
We will require and instil fair play and sportsmanship in our game.

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