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National Development Plan 2016-2019 - 'Our Sport, Our Future'

- 4-year strategy designed to grow awareness and participation levels
- 2016-2019 plan includes targets around on- and off-pitch matters
- Camogie Association will integrate further with the GAA 
- Developing commercial partnerships key to its future
Following the conclusion of the Camogie Association Strategic Plan in 2008, an extensive review was undertaken to assess the Association’s needs and to make recommendations on how the Camogie Association can operate in a more effective, efficient and modern manner.
The report made recommendations that required a fundamental review of the Association’s Official Guide and the structure and method of operation for the Association at national level.
The Camogie Association National Development Plan 2010 – 2015 (featured above and click on link to download) presents the Association with an opportunity to inspire members with a common vision. The plan will help Camogie to maximise its potential and to brand the Association as a confident, modern, community based organisation that offers women the opportunity to develop as players on the pitch and leaders off the pitch. The Camogie Association is an independent voluntary organisation, established in 1904. It is one of the oldest women’s sporting organisations and has a rich and wonderful history.
The Camogie Association has identified potential areas for growth and development during 2010 – 2015. An over arching priority will be to work towards providing all players with the opportunity to join a local Camogie club and pursue an interest in the game.
We will do this through the following:
1. The affinity between Camogie and Hurling is strong and Camogie thrives in existing hurling sections within GAA Clubs. A targeted programme will be developed to establish Camogie alongside existing Gaelic Games codes, in particular hurling where no camogie currently exists. Maintaining and strengthening existing units is also essential. Camogie must also be accessible to players of all abilities and backgrounds and at recreational level for those players who do not wish to participate at a competitive level.
2. With the recent changes in population patterns and the growth of population in urban centres there are now a number of urban centres that are not serviced by Camogie clubs. There are also some population groups who are not yet afforded the opportunity to play Camogie. We will be proactive in reaching out to communities in new or growing urban and suburban areas. We will work with all Gaelic Games codes to promote Camogie to new communities and other groups from a non-Gaelic Games background.
3. A further priority will be the development of initiatives to retain teenage players in Camogie and to support their transition from underage to adult Camogie.
4. While it is important to grow new clubs it is also important to sustain existing clubs and to provide them with the training and support necessary to provide Camogie for the young women in their local communities. To be in a position to grow new clubs and sustain existing ones the Camogie Association will aim to provide the following:
·         An attractive sporting opportunity.
·         Well organised activity at all levels.
·         Competition appropriate to players' abilities.
·         Guidance on how to start up and develop clubs.
·         Training for all volunteers, coaches, referees, administrators.
·         Resources for new clubs, county boards.
·         General advice and support on running a club.
·         Support for county and provincial officers.
·         Leadership programme to identify leaders within our Association.
5. Giving recognition to the sporting achievements of Camogie players is really important. Public recognition impacts on the visibility and status of women’s sport. It also impacts on the extent to which Camogie players are role models for young people. It impacts on the recognition of females as sporting equals to men. All of this in turn impacts on efforts to increase women’s participation in sport. Over the next period, we will endeavour to maximise the profile of our sport, our players and clubs through proactive communications and marketing.

The Camogie Association must ensure that it has the proper structures in place to effectively deliver this strategic plan. Strong governance and compliance with standards and best practice will ensure that our members are at all times acting in the best interest of the Association and its members.

These priorities are reflected in the National Development Plan’s five objectives:

  1. Growing Participation
  2. Improving Performance
  3. Volunteer Development and Leadership
  4. Enhancing Camogie’s Profile
  5. Excellent Governance and Organisational Development
The Camogie Association commits to regularly monitoring and review of the implementation of the Plan’s priorities and the achievement of its targets.

For further information go to Camogie Association National Development Plan ‘Our Game - Our Passion'